usefulSELECT: clean & powerful JS plugin for Customize 'select' Tag

usefulSELECT: clean & powerful JS plugin for Customize 'select' Tag

usefulSELECT – vanilla (clean) JS – fast, simple and powerful plugin for customize ‘select’ tag


  • Native on mobile
    Full Native Select Dropdown support on mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Your users will be happy!
  • StopScrolling
    Stop scrolling document with the select scroll. Conveniently!
  • Support images
    Use images in your select dropdown!
  • OPTGROUP support
    <optgroup> support for grouping options
  • DefaultText
    You can use default text when no value selected (only for multiple select)
  • Adaptive position
    Select dropdown changes its position if it does not fit into the screen. Always remains in sight!
  • Full customize
    You can change anything!
  • Multiple, disable, and label attributes support
  • Different settings and callbacks


Future updates and developments will be listed here and the files will be free for anyone who has purchased the gallery at any time.

1.0 (10 December 2017):
  • Launched.
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