Stonewall Texture

Stonewall Texture

You can use Stonewall Texture to design walls, Ceilings, roofs, grounds, interior design, exterior design and game plans.

Please trust me! This texture is worth a lot so you will not regret to purchase it.

There are 4 TGA files (Diffuse map, Displace map, Normal map and Specular map) and 1 PSD file in main files. You don’t need any map with this maps.

TGA files are highest quality files to use in V-Ray, Mental Ray and other render engines.

To change color of texture, change color of Diffuse file and to change the prominence of texture, change value of Displacement file in maps.

Stonewall Texture can be used in Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya and other 3D softwares.

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