Sciences and Teaching Facility Building

Sciences and Teaching Facility Building

Low or mid poly model, quads and a few tris only (no ngons). Optimal for both high-end visualization and games or real-time engines (tested in UE4 [Unreal Engine 4]) There are 34 descriptively named objects (Inside: ceiling, floor, glass, wall; Outside: asphalt, bollards, bricks+face, ceiling, CWP1-2-3+faces, drain, drainpipes, entrance, facade_cap, frames, glass, glass_Spandrel, ground, joints, PFC, railings, roof, screen, structure, substructure, sunlouvres, tramex, ventlouvres) that are organized within the same layer structure. The model is developed in a detail-based object arrangement, so you can easily decrease the poly-count deleting non-essential objects.

The full scene (environment, exposure, gamma, cameras, lights, materials, textures, renderer) is configured and ready to render in a physically correct linear space. Renders displayed here have contrast applied only, no further post-production.

Real world scale, units: meters (bounding box 56.6m x 37.7m x 22.4m [with stacks, 24.7m])

Unwrapped UVs for all objects. Overlapping UVS in UV channel 1 (for common textures) & Non-overlapping UVS in UV channel 2 (for lightmap baking etc)

PBR Vray materials for all objects (diffuse, base reflection, reflection glossiness and normal maps) Meaningfully named. There are 28 texture maps, PNG format, with 2K to 4K resolution (2048×2048px to 4096×4096px)

3dsmax 2016 native file format with standard materials. Vray 3.5 is used for preview images and materials. 3dsmax 2012 and 2010 file formats, with Vray 2.00 materials, also added. All textures are packed with the model file, sharing folder in a flat file structure, and their paths have been stripped from the model in order to prevent linking issues. Maybe textures should be relinked for OBJ and FBX file formats, due to format exporting and importing limitations regarding PBR materials.

No plugins needed. The HDR image used for lighting the scene is not included, but an ordinary dome is configured instead of it.

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