Extreme Action Indie Rock

“Extreme Action Indie Rock” – hard, energetic, strog and powerful indie rock music with intense drums, heavy distortion guitars and big stadium claps / stomps full of energy and passion! This agressive modern rock will be perfect choice for almost any sport videos, extreme travel, workout, fashion or cinematic commercials.

Perfectly suitable for motivational sports, games, dynamic cinematic visuals, driving TV advertising, action scenes, trailers, racing videos, films, YouTube channel backgrounds, military, extreme sports, snowboard and surf, openings for your dynamic video production!

Instruments: overdriven catchy guitar riffs, punchy drums, claps, strong bass, organ, powerful synth.

This item contains 3 versions for extra versatility and usability:

  • Main version (2:07)
  • Short edit (1:10)
  • Shortest edit (0:28)

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