Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune


Easy Wheel – The more you modify it the more you like it

– Easywheel is a jQuery Plugin created to allow you to Build and Controle the Wheel of fortune.

– 70% of styles is Editable with JSON Parameters.

– You can choose the winner from parameters or Remotely from your server using AJAX.

– 100% Responsive and compatible with any resolution.

– There no Third-party libraries ( Except jQuery ) is required to run the plugin.

– The generated SVG is customizable via JSON/CSS.

Package include

easywheel.css (+Minifyed version).
easywheel.js (+Minifyed version).
tick.mp3 (Optional spin sound).


Easywheel’s documentation (Full Guide to use the plugin), included in download package. The docs may be run locally.

Change log :

v 1 .1 (Minor fixes)


  1. Added browser prefixes to make the plugin stable with old browsers.
  2. color selector Fixed.
v 1 .2 (Major fixes)


  1. Ajax Major fixes : Fixed winner selector.
  2. small fixes to spin progress.
New Features
  1. You can select winner in Parameters or in Ajax by any item key (by giving key name to ‘selector’ and the value to ‘selected’ Parameter).
  2. You can set winner in Parameters to random.
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