Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

– Easywheel is a jQuery Plugin created to allow you to Build and Controle the Wheel of fortune.

– 70% of styles is Editable with JSON Parameters.

– You can choose the winner from parameters or Remotely from your server using AJAX.

– 100% Responsive and compatible with any resolution.

– There no Third-party libraries ( Except jQuery ) is required to run the plugin.

– The generated SVG is customizable via JSON/CSS.

Package include

easywheel.css (+Minifyed version).
easywheel.js (+Minifyed version).
tick.mp3 (Optional spin sound).


Easywheel’s documentation (Full Guide to use the plugin), included in download package. The docs may be run locally.

Change log :

----------------------------- Version 1.2 (Major fixes) ----------------------------- 1 - Fixes - Ajax Major fixes : Fixed winner selector. - small fixes to spin progress. 2 - New Features - You can select winner in Parameters or in Ajax by any item key (by giving key name to 'selector' and the value to 'selected' Parameter). - You can set winner in Parameters to random. -------------------------- Version 1.1 (Minor fixes) -------------------------- 1 - Fixes - Added browser prefixes to make the plugin stable with old browsers. - color selector Fixed.
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