Cry is a wonderful sample of male crying sobbing, sobbing. Fx Cry contains 2 variants of sobbing, crying. Two different in the nature of crying and howling. Sfx Cry for long use is looped. For correct operation, use wav. Great for videos, movies, animation, intro, outro, videos, logos, advertising, web, educational videos, travel videos, city video, tv, radio, youtube, vimeo, trailers, games, 3d graphics, After Effects, Motion Video, etc. As an element of advertising, slideshow, flat animation, infographics, menu, cinema or other applications and video.

This item includes – wav 44100_16 bit & mp3_44100_320 kbps in zip file. 1. Cry 1 (loop) (0:12) 2. Cry 2 (loop) (0:25) Total playing time, sfx Cry 0:37

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