Coffee Table Antonio Lareto

Coffee Table Antonio Lareto

The compact size of a coffee table “Antonio” allow you to place it in any room. Appearance coffee table designed by designers and is light and airy, so the product will go to those who prefer not to make your home bulky furniture.

Width 100 cm Depth 60 cm Height 41 cm

Model made in 3D Max 2014 Real-world scale. The units used – milimeters.

Polys 19 446 Verts 19 450

Included files: Max 2014 And Corona Renderer 1.3 Max 2011 Corona Renderer 1.3 3DS OBJ FBX 2009 Library materials Corona Renderer 1.3

Max 2014 V-ray 2.40 Max 2011 V-ray 2.40 3DS OBJ FBX 2009 Material library V-ray 2.40

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