Award Winners Fanfare Ident Pack

“Award Winners Fanfare Ident Pack” – glorious, triumphant, major, monumental, majestic, uplifting and celebratory orchestral cinematic intro / openers pack that brings to mind inspiring images of glory, victory, winning, success, red carpet, solemn celebrities or heroes.

Perfect for sports videos, award ceremonies, YouTube videos, awarding show, nomination, festival opening, winner videos, wedding ceremonies, winners awarding, titles, pompous presentation, beginning of film, TV branding, company fanfare, news broadcast, etc.

Instruments: symphonic strings, brass, piano, epic orchestral drums, percussion, woodwinds.

Award Winners Fanfare Ident Pack includes 3 items with variations.

  1. Award Fanfare Opener Logo
  • Main Version (0:23)
  • 17 sec version (0:17)
  • 11 sec version (0:11)
  • Fanfare Opening Ident
    • Main Version (0:29)
    • Short version (0:16)
  • Orchestral Fanfare Ceremony Ident
    • Main Version (0:30)
    • Short version (0:21)
    • Shortest version (0:12)

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