15x Adobe Muse Widgets by Rosea Themes

15x Adobe Muse Widgets by Rosea Themes

15x Adobe Muse Widgets by Rosea Themes

The ultimate widget pack. Power up your Muse projects with fifteen stunning widgets!


1. Animated Content (27 effects)
2. Simple Gallery (with multiple photos upload functionality)
3. Slider Container
4. Instagram Feed
5. Countdown Widget
6. Counter up
7. Full Width Mod (e.g: you can create full width portfolio)
8. 100% Height Mod and percentage height of the browser.
9. EU Cookie Consent Widget
10. Custom Preloader
11. Sticky Navigation
12. Micro Interactions NEW
13. Custom Hide/Show Sidebar NEW
14. 4 Image Hover Effects NEW
15.Auto Anchor NavigationNEW

Adobe Muse Widgets Tutorials


1. Extract ZIP file.
2. Go to the /Adobe Muse CC Widgets/widgets
3. Double-click widget file to import it into the Muse Library. This will launch Muse if it’s not already open.
4. Widget will show in the “Library” box (Window – Library)

Another solution:
1. Open Adobe Muse CC
2. Go to the Library (Window – Library)
3. On the bottom of the box click “Import Muse library”
4. Select file from local disk (probably Downloads folder).
5. Done :)


Adobe Muse CC


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